Transfer of Credit

The applicant must provide a transcript from the institution and a course description for each course for which transfer of credit is requested. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will review the transcript and course description(s) to determine whether transfer of credit will be approved or denied. The prior course(s) must have been successfully completed with a C grade or higher.

All transfer of credit requests must be submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs no later than two weeks after the semester start date of the student’s first semester attending Douglas Education Center. No transfer of credit requests will be accepted after this date. No exceptions.

Transfer credits are recorded in the school’s educational management software as hours earned toward program completion. Grades earned at a previous institution are not included in the calculation of the Grade Point Average (GPA) at Douglas Education Center. Transfer credit do not affect the Course Completion Rate calculation. Transfer credits are used in determining the Maximum Time Frame.

All educational institutions reserve the right to determine which credits, if any, they will accept from another institution. Douglas Education Center makes no guarantee or promise that it will accept credits earned at another institution or that Douglas Education Center credits will transfer into another post-secondary institution. Nothing on this website or any publication or document published and distributed by Douglas Education Center implies transferability of credits into another college or career school.