Dorian’s Fantasy Art Program

Meet Brittany Fontaine – Mold and Silicon Technician on Deadpool

Douglas Education Center Student Matters Brittany Fontaine Tom Savini Special Make-Up Effects Program Graduate - September 2011 Dorian’s Fantasy Art Program Graduate - May 2012 [caption id="attachment_4014" align="alignright" width="300"] Brittany Fontaine[/caption] Have you seen Suicide Squad?  How about Deadpool? Surely you’ve seen the American epic fantasy war film 300: Rise of...

Cleavenger Hand-Picked by “Star Wars” Legend, George Lucas

George Lucas invited more than 100 of the best working artists, illustrators, designers, and cartoonists from around the world to celebrate their favorite characters, themes, worlds and moments from the epic saga Star Wars. DEC instructor and world-renowned artist, Dorian Cleavenger, was among those hand-picked...