The Portfolio and Career Development Center was created to give all students a professional area for portfolio foundation.

The Center, run by DEC’s professional photographer, is located in the Van Keulen Complex.

Students are encouraged to set up a one-on-one photography session with DEC’s professional photographer as early and as often as possible during the students’ tenure at DEC. A student portfolio should reflect the students very best projects and the needs and interests of the people you plan to approach for work. By scheduling a one-one-one session with the photographer, students can find out what potential employers need to see from you and select work samples that are as close a match as possible. The portfolio makes it easy for possible employers to imagine working with you.

DEC’s professional photographer is available to take professional photographs of student work, teach students how to light their own pieces for photography purposes, how to use social networking when promoting themselves and their products, help with how to layout and design a competitive portfolio, and so much more.

Check back regularly for Photography Resources!