Alumni Success: Breanna Swan

Alumni Success: Breanna Swan

Compassion. Patience. Focus. A career in the medical field is a career in caring. DEC alumnus Breanna Swan says, “Learning how to be compassionate and sensitive toward patients and families who are dealing with serious conditions, injuries, or even past due bills, is essential in this field. Through compassion you can offer them a positive experience while helping them cope with their situations.”

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to the world of medicine. It’s fascinating to me,” Breanna says. “I’m definitely one of the lucky ones. I’ve taken my life’s passions and molded them into my career.”

She adds, “My career gives me the opportunity to continually learn new things every day. The medical field is a career in which you can never know too much. Learning new concepts is exciting to me. It keeps me driven to succeed more and more, and who wouldn’t love that sense of fulfillment?”


Breanna says that mentoring helped shape her career. “I learn a lot by watching and listening. Talk to people, shadow staff, and most importantly, do your research. The medical field is very broad. There’s so much more out there than doctors and nurses. There are billers, coders, transcriptionists, unit clerks, medical assistants… there are more careers than most people realize.”

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