Alumni Success: Carl Soderholm

Alumni Success: Carl Soderholm

Edgy graphics, striking models, clever placement. Advertisers have relied on these common ingredients for years. But what makes a “good design” one that consumers will connect with and remember? DEC alumnus Carl Soderholm has proven that the answer may be quite simple.

“Graphic design and animation is really just storytelling,” said Carl. “I’m a big fan of graphic novels, and animation really fascinates me. Creative direction sits somewhere between the creative and business ends of advertising, and it can be fun to bridge the two and really make a great piece of communication.”

Alumni Success Story: Carl Solderholm

As a graphic designer at The InventSAI Network, Carl designs animations for invention ideas. He must consider factors such as speed, distance, size and the surrounding environment to ensure clients’ invention messages connect with consumers in a powerful, direct way.

“My favorite aspect of this career is that everyday is so different,” said Carl. “I can’t wait to go to work to see what I”m working on next… I constantly get to try new things and work with different types of clients.”

For me, DEC was a great introduction into the world of graphic design,” said Carl. “Having the opportunity to learn from instructors who were either working professionals, or who had recently left the industry to teach, gave me a thorough understanding of what to expect in the graphic design world. Going to DEC changed my life.”

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