Alumni Success: Will Hartman

Alumni Success: Will Hartman

The transition from school to real world can be one that causes much anxiety. When students graduate they are faced with so many ideas of what the world is going to be like, how they are going to live, and where they are going to end up. Not every student is prepared for what life after school has in store for them and it can be a shell shock to some

However there are some who feel they know exactly what to expect. Take Will Hartman, 2012 graduate of The Digital Filmmaking Program at Douglas Education Center for example, he felt as if he was extremely prepared for what life was like after school. “DEC taught me the respect and discipline needed when going out into the work force. The future isn’t sugar coated; you have your ups and downs. The staff and the teachers prepare you for that, telling you how life is and really applying that to the career you are chasing after. It really has helped me here at WMDT” said Hartman. Will is currently the commercial producer for WMDT-TV, which is a TV channel seen from Baltimore to Philadelphia to Virginia Beach. What Will has learned at DEC obviously shows as his supervisor John Ebert said, “talk about hitting the ground running! I was immediately impressed with his ferocious work ethic, thorough understanding of the production process and his significant battery of technical skills.”

Will enjoys his position at WMDT-TV because of the creative input he has on a daily basis. He enjoys keeping busy outside of work as well, having tried out for a part in a Marvel movie and working on a documentary about a local haunted swamp. “The most important thing that I remember and take away from Bob Tinnell, Dorian Cleavenger, and Jerry Gergely was that they told me to never give up no matter how hard things are, keep running, take chances, take risks, and to always continue to learn and make good art.”

We wish Will continued success and many more years of making good art!

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