Factory Digital Filmmaking Graduate Rick Nelson enjoying Career Success

Factory Digital Filmmaking Graduate Rick Nelson enjoying Career Success

In a suburb of Pittsburgh, making movies with the neighborhood kids is where you would find Douglas Education Center Factory Digital Filmmaking Program graduate Rick Nelson when he was young. His interest in making movies started at the age of eight when his grandmother and grandfather passed away and Rick received his grandfather’s 8mm film projector, old home movies, and VHS camcorder. “It was my fascination with the technology behind it all that drew me to the field,” says Rick.

He enrolled in The Factory Digital Filmmaking Program at Douglas Education Center in the fall of 2009, and describes his time in the 16-month program as “a guide in the different facets of the film industry. There are no unnecessary courses. After graduating, I understood how a film set functioned.” His instructors had a huge impact on him as well. When asked about them and their role on his career, Rick said: “Bob Tinnell had a major influence on me as a mentor. He truly formed me as a filmmaker and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance.”

Where exactly is Rick Nelson today? He has come a long way since making movies with the neighborhood kids. He is currently the Senior Video Editor of Innovative Advertising in New Orleans, Louisiana. In this position, Rick oversees the broadcast and video production department and is heavily involved with the creative development of their productions. Rick works with clientele throughout the United States and the Gulf Coast Region.


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