Meet Aeyron Moore – Douglas Education Graduate

Meet Aeyron Moore – Douglas Education Graduate

Douglas Education Center Student Matters

Aeyron Moore
Douglas Education Center
Graduate of Filmmaking Program


When director and cinematographer Aeyron Moore visited DEC in 2008, he knew immediately that this was the school where he wanted to learn his craft.

“The facilities they have created rivaled most of the other schools in this field,” says Moore.  “It seemed more like a studio environment that forced you to immerse in this industry rather than sit at a desk and read about it in a book.”

Becoming a filmmaker had been a goal of Moore’s since he was a young child.

“Since I was 4 years old, I was drawn towards theater/stage.  As I grew into my teens, I started to write and direct my own plays and eventually migrated towards film.  With all the tools available with filmmaking, one could take a vision and make it even more lifelike.  Directing, to me, is pure creation.  Taking a vision in your mind and making it possible for others to see is one of the most advanced forms of communication, which, thanks to technology now extends to every corner of the world.  The telling of stories is and will continue to be one of mankind’s most effective forms of education, inspiration, connection, etc.”

At DEC, the experience of his instructors helped to foster his creativity and pushed him toward success.

“The instructors are not only teachers… they are artists.  They were more than willing to share perspectives of not only the business side of this industry but also very ingenious techniques on how to take whatever project you are facing and truly make something unique.”

Director of the Filmmaking program, Bob Tinnell, had the biggest impact on Moore.

“Bob helped guide me on a path that I never thought was possible.  His teachings of the business gave us a very unique look into how we navigate this very articulate field.  All in all, the collective experience of the instructors at DEC are a wealth of knowledge that any sane individual would take the opportunity to utilize in their journey in this industry.”

Since graduating DEC, Moore, a self-employed cinematographer and director, has worked with many high level clients, including Honda of America, Delta Airlines, BMC Films, Kingfish World Wide, and Carnegie Mellon University.  He believes the education he received at DEC helped become a successful filmmaker.

“This field isn’t a normal 9 to 5.  It’s not even fair to call it a career… its a lifestyle.  That being said, DEC taught me how to market myself in finding employment.  When it came time to step out onto the stage, I found my time at DEC definitely aided me in finding viable employment.”

Despite his success, Moore still finds the filmmaking business challenging, but rewarding.

“When starting a new project, it is most definitely a process.  From meeting new clients to introducing yourself to pools of new faces and professionals you’re working with for the first time.  Taking a vision, whether it is your own or someone else’s and coordinating with different departments to prepare for production.  Every day is a new challenge and a different set of skills being utilized.  It’s always changing, whether it be with people, environment, or most commonly… technology.”


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