Flicker Web Series Launched

Flicker Web Series Launched



Douglas Education Center students of both George A. Romero’s Filmmaking Program and Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effects Program are working together with industry pros on a new web series launched in October by horror media outfit Bloody Disgusting. The series is called Flicker and aims to join horror industry pros with students in collaboration full of thrills, chills and creativity.

The directors of the series so far have included Tom Savini, Tina Romero and Robert Tinnell with more horror industry names sure to join in. Tinnell, who is the Director of George A. Romero’s Filmmaking Program at DEC, hopes the series will foster enjoyment for anyone who is a fan of the horror genre.

“The episodes are designed to be small, ‘bite-sized’ chunks of horror, wherein we follow the exploits of the
Flicker, who is systematically murdering a number of individuals who are themselves up to no good. It will be
quite some time until viewers learn the identity of the Flicker and what is driving him. But we know – and look
forward to continuing his story until it reaches its shocking conclusion,” said Flicker creator, Robert Tinnell.
Tinnell is the director of George A. Romero’s Filmmaking Program in addition to being a feature film
writer/director and the author of several horror graphic novels.


“We are incredibly excited that Bloody Disgusting saw the potential in Flicker and are Telling this story is only
one part of our ambition for the project. What we hope to do is to continue to invite filmmakers to contribute
to the Flicker project – and several who have seen a sneak preview have already indicated they’d like to get
involved. The school will continue to provide the student workforce and our massive technical capabilities in
support of Flicker and we are excited to see what talent and vision other creatives will bring to the project. And,
of course, our students will continue to benefit from collaborating with those same professionals even as they
are building their resumes,” said Tinnell.


The band Showzo has scored the series.  DEC celebrated the launch of the series with an event on campus on Oct. 24th. Flicker participants, DEC students and alumni all gathered for the highly anticipated release of the series. You can find more pictures of the event by visiting flickr.com/photos/douglasedcenter

You can watch and learn more about the Flicker series by visiting flickerseries.com.

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