How do I cover my housing with financial aid?

Whether you are a student, parent or adult student looking to go to school you’ll need to prepare yourself. Sometimes the best way to prepare yourself is with a checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything out. Preparing for financial aid with a checklist can...

Mel Licata Face Off Contestant Season 10

Melanie Licata Tom Savini Special Make-Up Effects Program Graduate – January 2015 If you’ve been following SyFy Channel’s Face Off then you know Melanie (Mel) Licata.  She’s one of our favorites this season and we've thoroughly enjoyed watching her this season! Mel attended Douglas Education Center (“DEC”) in the...

When should you renew your FAFSA?

Did you know that your financial aid eligibility might expire before the end of your program? Your financial aid only lasts for an award year until you have to renew it. Typically, an award year is the same length of time as your academic year, or...

DEC Special Make-Up Effects Graduate Quickly Builds a Huge List of Credits

DEC graduate Steven Brent Adkins who now resides in Sherman Oaks, California graduated from Tom Savini’s Special Make-up Effects Program at Douglas Education Center (DEC) in Monessen, PA in 2009. He specialized in Animatronics and Airbrushing. After graduation Adkins secured employment at some of the...

Meet Jonathan Patrick Hughes – Recent Douglas Education Graduate

Douglas Education Center Student Matters Jonathan Patrick Hughes Douglas Education Center - Digital Film Factory Program Graduate – January 2015 Jonathan Patrick Hughes is a director and writer, known for Empty (2014) and Apartment 1109 (2013).  He is also a recent graduate of Douglas Education Center’s Digital Film Factory Program and...

What are scholarships and how do you get them?

Scholarships are gift-money that can be used towards your direct educational costs as well as your additional costs that can include living expenses, additional supplies, and housing. Scholarships do not need to be repaid. There are thousands of scholarships available to students offered by schools, employers,...

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