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Douglas Education Center welcomes students from abroad. If you reside outside of the United States, and are interested in attending Douglas Education Center, our Admissions Representatives will provide you with information on admissions, immigration, orientation, and student services.

International students drawn to Douglas Education Center come from many countries. In the past, we have had students from Columbia, Serbia, France, and Canada.

This school is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students (M-1 Visa). International applicants are required to submit the following application documentation:


1. Request an application form from the Admissions Department. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM HERE.

2. Complete and sign the Application Form and mail it to the school. An application fee in the amount of fifty dollars ($50) payable via money order or certified funds to Douglas Education Center (in U.S. dollars) must accompany the application.

3. Complete official records of all studies taken in each school attended, including secondary. All official records should include years of attendance and grades for all examinations taken, certifying that the candidate has completed the equivalent of at least twelve years of primary and secondary education of high academic quality. Official records must be originals or copies certified by the appropriate official of the school attended. Documents which are in a language other than English must be accompanied by certified exact translations. These official records must be mailed directly to Douglas Education Center in a sealed envelope from the educational institution. Optional: Official transcripts and course descriptions from colleges and universities, technical and professional schools.

4. TOEFL scores evidencing written and verbal proficiency in English (if the applicant’s native language is other than English). To qualify for admission, applicants must score a 400 (paper version) or 97 (computer version) on the examination. Note: Douglas Education Center reserves the right to require an admitted student to make up English deficiencies at his/her own expense and, possibly, without degree credit.

5. Schedule an interview with the Admissions Department. Interviews may be conducted in person, via telephone, postal mail or e-mail. Prospective students are encouraged to visit Douglas Education Center. School tours may be arranged by contacting the Admissions Department

Douglas Education Center
Attn: Admissions Department
130 Seventh Street
Monessen, PA 15062

(724) 684-3684

E-mail Address:

Additional Information:

– All programs require successful completion of the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Examination with a minimum score of 17.

– Data obtained is evaluated by the Admissions Department and determination is made if the applicant will benefit from our training. If it is determined that the applicant could benefit, then he/she is accepted; otherwise, he/she is not accepted. The application fee is fully refundable if the applicant is denied acceptance.

– Documentation evidencing medical insurance during your entire period of stay in the United States.

– Documentation evidencing the student’s financial ability to pay for his or her education and support himself/herself while attending school at Douglas Education Center.

– Sign an Enrollment Agreement. This represents a contractual agreement between the student and the school.

– Those accepted will receive a formal letter of acceptance.

– Must meet with the Director of Enrollment Services regarding Form I-539 at the beginning of second semester.

M-1 Visa must be extended after twelve months course of study (I-539 filing fee paid for by student).



– Douglas Education Center International Student Guide. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

– Douglas Education Center Certification of Finances. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Tony Baez Milan – Primary Designated School Official (724) 653-2183
Jeffrey D. Imbrescia – Designated School Official (724) 653-2200

LINKS: – NAFSA Financial Aid Guide – International Student Funding – International Education Finance Corporation – International Education Financial Aid – International Student Organization – Student Visas – Insurance Information for International Students

Download Student Catalog Here


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