Advanced Standing

Advanced standing will be considered for students who have had special high school or college preparation, or have advanced proficiency in a specific skill area.


Advanced standing credits are recorded as hours earned toward a program, but the grade points are not averaged into the student’s Q.P.A. Also, advanced standing credits are not factored into the calculation for determination of the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).


In order to receive advanced standing, students must be able to demonstrate mastery of the culminating activity in the particular course. The culminating activity could include a final exam, final project(s), or proof of licensure. For culminating activities requiring a grade, students must submit or sit for all required final project(s) and exams. A student must achieve an 80% or higher on the required project(s) and/or exams in order to receive advanced standing. Advanced standing is arranged by the Education Department and must be completed by the end of the second week of the semester or instructional period. A fee of $75 must be paid prior to processing. A student may only apply for advanced standing one time per course.


When a student either withdraws or is terminated from DEC and then decides to return to DEC at a later date, that student’s situation must be reviewed by DEC’s Re-Entry Committee. The committee is comprised of selected representatives from administrative departments along with input from the student’s former instructors regarding academic performance, classroom behavior, and any other factors that may be necessary to determine possible candidacy for reentry. It is important to all staff that any student being considered for re-entry is in a position to be successful at the time he or she returns to school. When the committee reviews a student’s circumstances for re-entry consideration, the factors leading to withdraw/termination are reviewed, as well as factors that are currently making it possible for the student to be successful in his or her chosen program. In some cases, students may be asked to meet with some members of the committee in order to better determine the likelihood of success. Students requesting re-entry may be accepted to return at that time, deferred to another semester, or denied re entry based upon the input provided by all members and instructors. In some cases, a physician’s release may be requested if the student left due to medical issues. Students who were not successfully passing all courses or who had other academic difficulties at the time of leave may be placed on Academic Probation for one semester upon return. All re entry candidates must satisfy any outstanding financial balances with the Business Office prior to committee review. Successful re-entry candidates must fulfill all Admissions, Financial Aid, and Business Office requirements prior to starting classes.

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