DEC provides reliable access, with responsive service and support, to computing and information technology resources. DEC continually looks to incorporate new technologies to improve processes associated with instruction, research and administration. The Information Technology Department empowers students to make effective use of information resources.

As a new student, there are many IT “To Do’s” you must complete in order to fully benefit from DEC’s IT services. These include:

  • Create a Computer Lab Login and Internet Use Login
  • Create a DEC Portal Account
  • Create a DEC Email Account
  • Download DEC Mobile App
  • Acquire your building Key Fob
  • Understand DEC’s Computer / Network / Internet Usage Policy
  • Wi-Fi

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Your username is your first initial followed by your last name.

Name: Abraham Lincoln | Username: alincoln

Your default password is Douglas100 (case sensitive).

Some computers on the network will require a user to sign into DEC’s web filter to be able to surf the Internet. Your Username / Password is the same as what you use to log onto the DEC computers.

Problems Logging In?

This may be due to duplicate usernames, most commonly caused by common last names. If you are having a problem logging in, please try your Username as your full first name followed by your full last name.

Aaron Smith and Allan Smith

Both usernames could not be “asmith.”

Usernames: aaronsmith and allansmith


DEC Student Portal is a Web site that allows students to see their grades, schedules, attendance, contact faculty, etc. It is the quickest and easiest way for DEC students to see this information. Please check your Student Portal account regularly for up-to-date information.

As a new student, are required to create your own Student Portal account by following the instructions below.

  • Go to
  • Click “Portal” on the upper right side of the page
  • Click “Student Portal”
  • Click “Create New Account”
  • Enter SSN, first name, last name and place of birth
  • The email address you have on file will appear
  • If it is correct, click “Yes”
  • If it is not correct, please fill out a ticket with DEC’s IT Department support account at
  • Your username will be created for you; it is your first initial and last name
  • Enter and confirm your password
  • You will then receive an email after you’ve been authenticated with a link to log into the portal
  • Use your first initial and last name as the username and the password you entered earlier


  • Click “My Profile”
  • Click “My Calendar”
  • Click on the desired course number
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the assignments and grades for the class. If there are attachments, they will appear on the left.


  • Click on “My Academics”
  • Click on “View My Grades”
  • Choose the desired term to see mid-term and final grades


  • Click “My Academics”
  • Click “View My Class Schedule”
  • A PDF will open with your schedule


To begin, go to (Never use “www” in this web address.)

  • Enter your full email address as your username (usually your first initial followed by your last name


  • Enter your temporary password (temporary passwords were emailed to your personal email account before Orientation.
  • You will be prompted to create a permanent password
  • Password must contain at least 8 characters and include at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number

Navigate to Outlook to view your inbox


The DEC Mobile App is available for free in the Apple Store / iTunes, as well as Google Play for Android. Simply search for “Douglas Education Center.” This App features direct links to the following:

  • Orientation Information
  • Campus / Facility Overviews
  • Street View Mapping
  • Campus Maps
  • Tap-to-Dial DEC Departments
  • Student Portal
  • DEC Email
  • Local Services (i.e. Gas, Food, ATM, etc.)


Some DEC buildings are access restricted requiring a Key Fob and PIN to enter the building. Your Key Fob was given to you in an envelope with the PIN written on the front. Please memorize or write this number or write it down.

  • To use the Key Fob system touch your Key Fob to the pin pad then enter your 4-digit PIN followed by the * key
  • If this is done correctly and you are authorized to enter the building the door will unlock
  • Please make sure when entering your PIN that you are fully pressing all 4 numbers and the * key
  • Do NOT prop open any doors


  • Upon becoming an active student at Douglas Education Center, each student will receive a network / computer user account that will permit access to the computer and Internet.
  • Students will also be given access to a directory on one of the DEC servers to store class files and projects. Always have a USB flash drive to keep backup copies of your work. Lab computers can be moved or replaced at any time without notice. Please not that the student folders are not backed up and will not be available should there be a network issue.
  • It is the responsibility of all students to maintain the security of their user account which includes keeping personal passwords private, as well as maintaining a backup of their class files and projects.
  • Also, Douglas Education Center reserves the right to monitor to use of your account. If at any time it is determined that an account is being abused, Douglas Education Center reserves the right to suspend computer / internet privileges to the student who is abusing account privileges. Abuse of the account is determined by school officials, and includes, but is not limited to:
    • Physical Abuse of Equipment
    • Installation of Software on DEC Computers
    • Transmitting, forwarding, or downloading any information that may be considered offensive in nature
    • Peer to peer file sharing of any type
    • Use of equipment / Internet for anything illegal or deemed inappropriate by the school
    • Circumventing or hacking of equipment settings or network settings


DEC provides Wi-Fi access to personal devices (i.e. laptop, tablet and cell phone) providing that you contact the Information Technology Department to have your device registered. The IT Department will have to obtain your devices’ Wi-Fi address in order for the device to be registered. The Wi-Fi will not be available if there is a network outage or problem. You can contact the IT Department by opening a ticket at to have your device registered.

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