Transfer of Credit

All DEC applicants who have attended another post­secondary institution or have taken college level courses will be given the option of applying for transfer of credit for any course(s) taken which parallel course(s) offered by DEC in their chosen program of study. The applicant must provide an official transcript from the institution and a course description for each course for which transfer of credit is requested. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will review the transcript and course description(s) to determine whether transfer of credit will be approved or denied. The prior course(s) must have been successfully completed with a C grade or higher, and within a ten (10) year time frame from the date of the request.

Transferees from another cosmetology school will be evaluated for admittance by the Supervisor of Cosmetology. Students will be asked to perform practical services and to take a written examination to determine student’s level of placement in the DEC Cosmetology Program curricula.

DEC reserves the right to accept or deny any, none, or all of the student’s coursework from another school. Upon results and review of student’s practical and written examination, student’s prior cosmetology coursework will be applied to the appropriate DEC course.

The student will then be placed into the semester of the DEC Cosmetology program as determined by the Supervisor of Cosmetology and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.


There is no guarantee that credits will transfer.  All transfer of credit requests must be submitted to the Vice President of Academic Affairs no later than two weeks after the semester start date of the student’s first semester attending DEC. No transfer of credit requests will be accepted after this date. No Exceptions.

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